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New Mexico, New York, New Edges
When I hold Dakota on his back, he closes his eyes immediately, his head falls back, long ears drop like honey–this is the Spa for him. You would think that ten days hanging out in Santa Fe would leave me as structurally limp. But this trip was more about peeking under the covers; taking a big […] Read more – ‘New Mexico, New York, New Edges’.
Project 365 & 2013 Subscription News
As 2012 comes to a close I wanted to let you know what I’m up to and give you an opportunity to follow me there if you like. ; ) I may have mentioned that at some point I intended to mine through 400 journals — to extract what I want to use in future […] Read more – ‘Project 365 & 2013 Subscription News’.
Red Claw Press Anthology: Cover Art by Niya
Seek It: Writers and Artists Do Sleep is a collection of poems, stories, essays and artwork inspired by our conflicted relationship with sleep and the night. In the pages of Seek It, lovers find pleasure and pain, insomnia leads its many sufferers to get creative, exhausted new parents struggle through their days, a rural anaesthetist confesses […] Read more – ‘Red Claw Press Anthology: Cover Art by Niya’.
Delightful Disruption
It starts out innocently enough. A few friends out to dinner at a snazzy restaurant in Portland over a bottle of wine chatting about how fun it would be trade houses for a month. Maybe impractical and a bit brazen, given that winter is right around the corner — all the social events that tug […] Read more – ‘Delightful Disruption’.
When art tells you its story…
  Clarissa Pinkola Estes, prolific storyteller of fables and folklore and Jungian psychotherapist likes to say… that when we sleep, we don’t sleep as adults. No, we sleep as children and wake up as children (just before putting on our adult suits). But when it’s warm enough outside to pop out of bed, make a […] Read more – ‘When art tells you its story…’.
Cloud Book – A Lofty Art Adventure
Since this book is too expensive to buy (Blurb.com is no fun that way)… I wanted to share it here. It was one of those unexpected surprises. When Dakota got sick in April (very sick — he’s doing very well now), I had this blank sketchbook on the kitchen table asking for my attention. 18 […] Read more – ‘Cloud Book – A Lofty Art Adventure’.
Imagination, the last frontier
 Illustration by Niya C Sisk “Don’t look at your feet to see if you are doing it right. Just dance.” ― Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life  I used to be the type of artist who needed a lot of reference material around me before I’d put paint to canvas or words […] Read more – ‘Imagination, the last frontier’.
I Like It
This week I was invited to be a featured reader at Sacred Grounds cafe in San Francisco. Quite the honor, as it is the first anniversary of the literary magazine SF Peace and Hope and honored Al Young, Poet Laureate of Ca. Emeritus as first reader in the line up. The founder of SF Peace […] Read more – ‘I Like It’.
How “No” is Good Art Making
  I’ve discovered that in parts of Europe, Italy and France in particular “no” is a perfectly acceptable answer. The French make our  “yes” ridden society look compulsive. One of the first things I learned in business was to never say “no.” Your actions may say it, but you can’t really say it out loud. […] Read more – ‘How “No” is Good Art Making’.
Image Story #5 ~ Ghost Writer Dad
What you’re looking at here is my office. But to be clear, the water glass isn’t full of water (something better) and the red and white doilie thingie there… I never approved. Marriages have trade-offs. My work gets done between 2-5 a.m.  I attend to our infant twins and fact find for documentary filmmakers (one […] Read more – ‘Image Story #5 ~ Ghost Writer Dad’.
The Art of the Lull
“Dakota Loves The Redhead” Illustration created on Samsung Notebook by Chikodili Emelumadu. She and I shared giggles  during National Novel Writing Month 2011. She lives in London, UK. For the past two weeks I’ve run my business and my life within five feet of my dying rabbit—listening to his breathing and rushing him to the medicine […] Read more – ‘The Art of the Lull’.
EASTER SPECIAL — How not to break a rabbit’s heart (and spirit)
We’ve all heard of a spouse following a spouse to the other side. How their life force finds a way to ‘follow their heart’ so to speak. A dog will mope for weeks upon losing it’s person. A cat? Well, it depends upon the cat. But a rabbit? A rabbit’s heart can break when their […] Read more – ‘EASTER SPECIAL — How not to break a rabbit’s heart (and spirit)’.
Image Story #4 ~ Strategy Matters
At a young age, I learned that strategy in life really does matter. It’s become a living manifesto of sorts. When I was eight, I had an uncle I didn’t like much. He fed the dog peanut butter rolls with pop rocks in it. Our dog was the nervous type. When she wasn’t cold, she […] Read more – ‘Image Story #4 ~ Strategy Matters’.
Po’Bird illustrated children’s book is now available on Amazon!
  Well this book was a whole lot of fun to make. It’s took exactly a year. An illustration here and there, numerous re-writes and design rounds—but now, I’m rather fond of the little bird. I put him through more than any bird without wings should go through… but hopefully this makes the end of […] Read more – ‘Po’Bird illustrated children’s book is now available on Amazon!’.
Memory and Manners
It’s late winter and I’m pulling out old philosophy books… I know, I know, you are imagining a frog on a log wearing spectacles. Give a girl a break, I was born in the wrong century. ; ) Seriously, I’ve been thinking about memory quite a bit lately as a collecting agent for creative writing. […] Read more – ‘Memory and Manners’.
Image Story #3 ~ The Elbow of an Elephant
My name is Gabby – not because I talk a lot. I like to read. When my family came to Africa it was to help people. We brought them books, food, medicine — I insisted we bring them pillows. Pillows are comforting. This elephant is Elsie…she’s seventy-one years old. She’s super old but she still […] Read more – ‘Image Story #3 ~ The Elbow of an Elephant’.
What is Book?
(Note: If you are getting this post twice, my apologies as the ‘feed’ kinks are being sorted. Thank you for your patience.) • • • What is the meaning–the experience of ‘Book’ these days? How are expectations changing? I’ve been asking myself this question quite a it as I get my second book into the […] Read more – ‘What is Book?’.
Image Story #2 ~ Dog
I’m an old dog—a yellow lab as handsome as the day is long. I know that’s a cliché thing to say but I’m not a creative type like my friend Bosely—he’s an Irish Setter. I’m what you’d call a traditionalist. I like to eat exactly at 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. I take my bone […] Read more – ‘Image Story #2 ~ Dog’.
An Illustrator’s Kitchen
It starts like this… A takeover of the kitchen table, everything neatly organized, ready for a flurry of cut paper, paint-splotch-coffee-stained sessions. The new story, written in December is there too, somewhere in the pile; though I secretly know I’ll never look at it. I seek uninterrupted artistic immersion—like a pig in a heavenly warm […] Read more – ‘An Illustrator’s Kitchen’.
Hello again…!
“You don’t call, you don’t write!” The neglect of Niya’s Place subscribers?… there’s no excuse. Sorry! This scrappy lil’ redhead has been wrestling down the world of publishing into distinguishable ‘clear as mud’ bits to get a couple of word piles into the world. But I’m back and excited to blog again. Niya’s Place has […] Read more – ‘Hello again…!’.
Image Story #1 ~ Wings and Prairie Dogs
I purposefully didn’t look into the root of what inspired this photograph at the Silent Storyteller. It is just too perfect to make it up. So it was voted in as the first visual impromptu for Niya’s Place. ; ) What I believe about the woman with the beautiful wings… …she like many birds in […] Read more – ‘Image Story #1 ~ Wings and Prairie Dogs’.
What is Story Improvisation?
As we don’t live in a world of constant exposition (which might drive us mad), we have our abundant imaginations to fill in the blanks. With the evolution of sites like Pinterest and amazing photography tools and apps, combined with my passion for the visual world, I’ve added a blog category for making up stories. […] Read more – ‘What is Story Improvisation?’.
Bragging Bantering Bawling available at Amazon.com
BRAGGING BANTERING BAWLING Short Stories by Niya C Sisk. Eighteen short stories that Brag, Banter and Bawl! Divorce, dogs, diets, dreams and disasters. A woman on a train meets a fascinating painter with ALS, but takes more interest in the life of a suburban woman she characterizes as Maggie. Max escapes a stressful career and […] Read more – ‘Bragging Bantering Bawling available at Amazon.com’.
National Novel Writing Month Winner
Thanksgiving was rudely interrupted by my competitive nature. I raced home on Saturday for an uninterrupted, Peets coffee filled 7 hour writing marathon on Sunday. My friends in Portland offered Peets coffee and comfort galore. But I know me around friends. I want to play. So I put myself in my beautiful home writing studio […] Read more – ‘National Novel Writing Month Winner’.
Rabbit Yoga
I have this rabbit. He thinks he’s my boyfriend. He weighs 4 lbs. When I had a male friend over last week, I tried to introduce the two of them. Dakota, the rabbit put his right ear over his eye. My friend said, “I guess male bonding is out of the question.” The other day […] Read more – ‘Rabbit Yoga’.
National Novel Writers Month 2011
And it’s so much fun! Imagine having thousands of writers from all over the world to chat with about anything from genre jumping to ‘my butt is killing me’ and what day is it? Today, a Nano-London participant offered to mail me a slew of clean socks for the month. It’s true I am a […] Read more – ‘National Novel Writers Month 2011’.
Making the Pages Fly!
There are many ‘how-to’s’ out there about book publishing; so I won’t gum up the pipeline. As I am enjoying the feeling of my book of short stories about to hit distribution, there are a few things about the process that were humbling, exciting and shit stirring all in one. First of all, my book […] Read more – ‘Making the Pages Fly!’.
San Francisco Peace and Hope with Al Young, Ca. Poet Laureate Emeritus
Elizabeth Hack, founder of SF Peace and Hope began it shortly after 9/11.  Her mission? A place for people to post prayers, poems, art; a place to grieve. The renewed, redesigned website is in full force with a profound foreword by poet laureate emeritus, Al Young. I’m thrilled to be a part of the reinvigoration […] Read more – ‘San Francisco Peace and Hope with Al Young, Ca. Poet Laureate Emeritus’.
Productive Writer ~ Productive Life!
Sometimes we are on the hunt for the right tool, book, or person with insight and resources to help us approach a particular situation. Transformation, organization, clarification, prioritization is needed. And if that doesn’t work, a lobotomy would be okay. I had the good fortune to read The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen a couple […] Read more – ‘Productive Writer ~ Productive Life!’.
3,234 lbs of Unconditional Love
I was watching one of those animal hero shows. This one took place in Arizona. Imagine this: A small house. Two middle aged men–brothers. 49 dogs. 49 dogs inbred. The dogs were all about the same size and weight, approximately 66 lbs. Most had the same illnesses due to the in-breeding. The one man was […] Read more – ‘3,234 lbs of Unconditional Love’.
Dog or Cat? Answer: Rabbit!
  They litter train themselves. They purr. They will lick your hands to groom you. When they get bored, they rearrange their own furniture to spice things up. They come when you call their name, and their poops don’t stink (and they know it). So, why don’t more people have these soft, affectionate, smart creatures […] Read more – ‘Dog or Cat? Answer: Rabbit!’.
Sentence Envy
Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.  First of all. Thumb envy? No. Not having the opportunity to be a brain surgeon because my thumbs are too large… Or the idea of having the freedom of bowling ball size thumbs that gets me hitched into the car of the next driver who may or may […] Read more – ‘Sentence Envy’.
Dakota Says…
It’s all about me. And that’s a good thing for you. Humans are really big and we rabbits know you could squash us like a bug. So we stick together and if we are a lucky you see us as more than Easter toys or French food. You see our smarts and loyalty and charm. […] Read more – ‘Dakota Says…’.
Chemistry dot com for Rabbits
Most people think rabbits are indiscriminate about their mate. That they just find another rabbit that smells like the opposite sex and they go to it. Not true. It took Dakota 4 weekends and 9 female rabbits to find a girl who would take him. He wanted them all of course. But he’s never thought through the […] Read more – ‘Chemistry dot com for Rabbits’.
Dakota is Six Today!
When asked Dakota what is your best birthday wish, the thing you most want today? His answer: That the world stop calling me a bunny. It’s very unmanly and insulting to my intelligence. Not even the babies like it, they say it makes them feel like a household appliance that dusts off the furniture. Clear enough. […] Read more – ‘Dakota is Six Today!’.
“Dog Years” by Mark Doty
That bittersweet feeling of finishing a book that takes you to the bottom of the ocean and delivers you again and again to the salty air for breath. How long will it take to find another book that holds onto you like this? Mark Doty’s brilliant memoir, Dog Years revealed to me how important it […] Read more – ‘“Dog Years” by Mark Doty’.
Fat Rabbit | Silo of Pudge
 It’s really all my fault. Most rabbits are treated as farm animals, living at the whims of nature. Some neutered and spayed, some not. Mine live indoors and are waited on hand and foot. About this time every year (spring rabbit multiplication time) they start emotional eating like you wouldn’t believe. Their unfulfilled bellies, normally […] Read more – ‘Fat Rabbit | Silo of Pudge’.
Easter: How Not to Break a Rabbit’s Heart
We’ve all heard of a spouse following a spouse to the other side. How their life force finds a way to ‘follow their heart’ so to speak. A dog will mope for weeks upon losing it’s person. A cat? Well, it depends upon the cat. But a rabbit? A rabbit’s heart can break when their […] Read more – ‘Easter: How Not to Break a Rabbit’s Heart’.
Sometimes You Just Have to Sleep in The Toilet!
Dakota turned 50 in rabbit years a couple of months ago. Suddenly he’s taken to sleeping in his toilet. His bathroom blurs into all of the other comforts in life. Rabbits are super clean and picky about clean bathrooms. Now, as he approaches geriatric, he’s less concerned–his litter box is now his bed and the […] Read more – ‘Sometimes You Just Have to Sleep in The Toilet!’.
Salad from a Rabbit’s Point of View
Imagine your version of Santa Claus delivering exactly what you want every morning no matter your mood or behavior. Or you’ve attempted Mt. Everest you almost died, but your favorite person woke you up out of your ambition hypnotism, took you down the mountain and had a Hot Toddy waiting for you…can you imagine how […] Read more – ‘Salad from a Rabbit’s Point of View’.
KSVY 91.3 Interviews Niya | Doggie Art & LA Screenwriters
Ken Brown interviews Niya November 18 about her holiday doggie art business–(Dogz Cafe) and somehow the conversation goes in the deep waters of the role of silence in film. Only on KSVY,  could this happen. Sonoma’s beloved Radio Station. So listen and enjoy. Its just over 10 minutes long. Niya is donating 10 % of all […] Read more – ‘KSVY 91.3 Interviews Niya | Doggie Art & LA Screenwriters’.
Flouncing About in Uncommon Paradoxes
Here’s what I learned today: You can have the gentlest dentist in the world and the best sedatives and still feel like a toilet bowl is being flushed on your head when the action begins. You can forgive your dentist for 8 shots of novocaine because you know there’s an evil part of your brain […] Read more – ‘Flouncing About in Uncommon Paradoxes’.
Ode to the Animal Artists
From the Polar Bear Tales, by Marc Franz 1880-1916.  I envy the animals. They don’t have to wear clothes. They aren’t weighted by the tenuous lines that language produces. And they get to be intoxicated in life without the hangover. Artists have endevored to express that timeless irreverence animals so charmingly exhibit. The gap between […] Read more – ‘Ode to the Animal Artists’.
Summer Pilgrims
Today is my birthday. It’s 8 a.m. and I’ve traveled to Brazil, Spain, Sienna Italy, New Zealand and Africa. People have treated me to coffee and breakfast in every city because it’s my birthday and I feel like a stuffed piñata. I hope to be broken open; to spill my guts, to get that bikini figure I’ve always wanted and […] Read more – ‘Summer Pilgrims’.
Who Are You? Consult a Rabbit!
Dakota had a near miss with death recently. Upper respiratory disease and his little stomach shut down. He’s okay now but somehow his struggle (our struggle for his life) made me think of the who and what we are. I thought about the lady who runs the bar in the village of Carces, FR. Her […] Read more – ‘Who Are You? Consult a Rabbit!’.
Lord, Let Me Be Half the Person My Rabbit Thinks I Am!
Rabbits have no concept of their bigotry. You are either part of their clan or you aren’t. They test you. When you get down on the floor and do the things they do (especially Dakota) eating or grunting at his rear-end (I don’t recommend this one) or pushing the ball around…well, you’ve somehow earned the […] Read more – ‘Lord, Let Me Be Half the Person My Rabbit Thinks I Am!’.
Lavender + Wildflower Honey Crème Brulèe
The Girl and the Fig. The artwork alone makes you want to try everything. I went in for a salad and walked out with a salad, bread and fig jam, fig lotion, more jam and a cookbook that I can’t keep my face out of. The staff was all too happy to chat with me […] Read more – ‘Lavender + Wildflower Honey Crème Brulèe’.
On Chroma, Cows, and Christmas
“How would you suspend 500,000 lbs of water in the air with no visible means of support?” Answer: “Build a cloud.” — Bob Miller, Artist A couple hundred years ago the art of Painting went from trade to profession. Color became a scientist’s tool for uncovering important information about our molecular structures, and artists were […] Read more – ‘On Chroma, Cows, and Christmas’.
Arranged Marriage
Let’s talk marriage! QUESTIONS: If you don’t marry your best friend, can she/he become your best friend? If you marry your best friend, will he/she become less than that? If I take the question of best friend out of the question, have I become an American? Is there no hope for me? WHAT THE RABBITS […] Read more – ‘Arranged Marriage’.
Script Done. Redhead Undone
FADE IN: INT./EXT. BUSY STREET – CAFE – DAY REDHEAD walks towards a chic cafe on a busy street. She’s wearing a sun dress and flip flops that are too big for her feet. She has more freckles than ever from the non-stop ninety degree days. She has a large worn out leather purse on […] Read more – ‘Script Done. Redhead Undone’.
Boulder Colorado Notes
WHAT I’VE LEARNED IN BOULDER SO FAR: 1. When riding my 9 year old mountain bike around, if I listen to my i-Tunes biking mix, I have pretty convincing fantasies that I’m a mean, lean biking machine. Until I get strange looks because I didn’t realize I was singing out loud or doing a little […] Read more – ‘Boulder Colorado Notes’.
The Upside of Procrastination
Recently, I cleared the decks in my design bizz for a few weeks of uninterrupted screenwriting. It’s amazing how animated and compelling the world looks when there is a meaningful goal to avoid in life. I hadn’t known how much pleasure procrastination could yield until I created the time and space to do what I […] Read more – ‘The Upside of Procrastination’.
Territory | Dispatches from an Irate Squirrel
Leonard Shlain claims that we didn’t need language until farmers began to fight for territory. I think those farmers must have sounded like the angry ma ma squirrel telling me off in gutteral sounds that sort of sounded like (“If you do that, I’m goinna hurt ya–real bad”). I just needed to cut down a […] Read more – ‘Territory | Dispatches from an Irate Squirrel’.
Shhh…Quiet, The Ocean Is Talking
I am at Sea Ranch, a ranch of houses on the coast of California near Gualala. So far nothing I’ve seen about the animals here is normal. They are fat for one thing. And they don’t scare. Yesterday, a herd of deer in the yard. I opened the sliding glass door expecting them to dart […] Read more – ‘Shhh…Quiet, The Ocean Is Talking’.
On Romance and Rabbits
The love life of my rabbits is enviable. Dakota is 4 and 1/2 lbs. Dakota used to weigh only 4 lbs but living large in an all female family has made him put on some love handles. He rolls around in his morning hay like a Buddha-esque blowfish on crack. He’s addicted to hay and […] Read more – ‘On Romance and Rabbits’.
Ver·i·ta·ble Dolphin
Swimming the other day a man in the lane next to me said, “You are a veritable dolphin, it’s way cool”. The word, ‘veritable’ felt like the water—lyrical, mutable, changing with movement. The music of the word itself made me happy. But due diligence pulled me to the dictionary and I was pleasantly surprised by […] Read more – ‘Ver·i·ta·ble Dolphin’.
Needles, Newfies and Knotted Knickers
Yesterday I ran away from home. Several weeks of design and conference calls from my home office left everything in my home except the bunnies feeling un-nested, un-scented and without the feel of home. As I drove to a very tiny little town called Sulpher Hot Springs I could almost smell the amber sanctuary of […] Read more – ‘Needles, Newfies and Knotted Knickers’.
When Forced into Scrambled Lines We Make One Line Anyway
I spent my life at sea level. Now I’m at above 5000 feet and the climate adjustment has scrambled my brain. I’m a regular anagram of humanity’s imperfection these days. Today, it’s gray outside. After several years of writing fiction in gray weather I think to write today. I scramble in current daily interactions to […] Read more – ‘When Forced into Scrambled Lines We Make One Line Anyway’.
Art on The Walls Exhibit
The Boulder Co. Arts Alliance completed the juried selections for the 2007 selected artists. I’ve been chosen as a featured artist to exhibit ‘The Girl Series’ for the month of May. Boulder County features a local artist at Barnes & Noble every month for The Art on The Walls Series. However, I have 48 linear […] Read more – ‘Art on The Walls Exhibit’.
Do Not Exfoliate in The Sauna
What is a newcomer to do with all that dry skin? As I lounged, lizard-like in the cozy dry sauna I recalled my massage therapist at the St. Julien had said to me that on one of the Boulder city websites is a long list of the things our tax dollars pay for. One of […] Read more – ‘Do Not Exfoliate in The Sauna’.
Moroccan Stew | Orange | Soul’s Braille
This isn’t a Martha Stewart tip on ethnic food styles or the story of orange or new age interpretation’s of the human soul. (Oh, but if I were queen of the world and had that kind of all powerful credibility, who knows)? No, this is more stream of consciousness goop–a thumbprint of a busy, slightly […] Read more – ‘Moroccan Stew | Orange | Soul’s Braille’.
Whack On The Side Of The Head
The other night while languidly sipping some exotic wine in a local wine bar, a 15 lb. speaker fell from the ceiling onto my head. I realize that ‘Whack On The Side Of The Head’ is a book about change; about whacking you out of habitual thought patterns. But isn’t also languidly having a glass […] Read more – ‘Whack On The Side Of The Head’.
A Little Fictional Heat
She owned a restaurant in the desert that had copper kites pinned to the walls like flies to dried up lemonade. There were other things too that filled the room. Couples sat at low-lit tables and three chefs had the same hairdo; stiff little Mohican waves that curl at the tip. She’d been here longer […] Read more – ‘A Little Fictional Heat’.
And Then a Man Named Ducky Offered Me a Hug
  Ducky. He looked like a Spanish Hottie from behind. Skinny with a smart kick to voice and walk. I was mentally exhausted from the four hours of phone calls and tears the day before when I realized the only digital copy of my novel was on the iMac with a blinking question mark cursor. […] Read more – ‘And Then a Man Named Ducky Offered Me a Hug’.
The Children Got it Goin’ On!
At the public pool where I swim, I see some of the most surprising, sweet, messy, touching, heartbreaking, heart-making pages of humanity. Stories within stories that exists within sweaty cement walls — bodies of water that can make eyes sheepish and shy from the Chlorine. Squealing kid screams against the sound of the boom box […] Read more – ‘The Children Got it Goin’ On!’.
You’ve probably figured it out by now. Dakota the bunny–well, he’s kind of an asshole. And, I say this with the most adoring glance his way as he glares at me for giving him a time-out. He was nipping and lunging at his mate, Caila when I came around to give them carrots. He doesn’t […] Read more – ‘Dakota!’.
How To Love a Latin Man
A cup of black coffee, can’t find the sugar. Grab the salt shaker used to salt the salmon the night before. But it’s speckled brown. Clearly something is off. Come to think of it, the salmon tasted sweet and cinnamony. But the concoction makes for exotic coffee. This is what loving a Latin man is […] Read more – ‘How To Love a Latin Man’.
Close To The Skin
Santa Fe: They said that my hair blends with the environment; the red adobe, amber church bells, and complex curling clouds. I said, ‘well then I’ll go home and get a U-Haul.’ There are worse things in life than belonging to a place where the winds have the power to lift you from the sidewalk […] Read more – ‘Close To The Skin’.
The Monkey and The Rice
Headlines: Hungry monkeys get fist stuck in tree because it won’t let go of the warm rice inside to save its life. Reporters say: “It was so sad, they were just hanging there, all scraggly and whiny, almost dead from thirst and hunger.” Okay, I exaggerate. The full story my Yoga teacher told us in […] Read more – ‘The Monkey and The Rice’.
On Tolerant Pilgrims and The Erotic Pillsbury Doughboy
It’s interesting to me, that the first Thanksgiving occurred in a rare moment of peace between the Pilgrims and the Massasoit’s in Plymouth in the early 1600’s. An Indian named Tisquantum had been devoted to helping the colonization of the Pilgrims; his motives to carve out the destiny of his people. You know, share the […] Read more – ‘On Tolerant Pilgrims and The Erotic Pillsbury Doughboy’.
The Dating Scene: Is Commodity In and Courting Out?
I had a date the other night…(oh! don’t fall off your chair, I saw that!), who at the end of the evening, after kissing my hand 4 times during dinner, turned to me in the car and said, “So, what do you think about us?” “Huh?” I said dumbly as I was thinking about racing […] Read more – ‘The Dating Scene: Is Commodity In and Courting Out?’.
Heart Matters
Did you know that if you are the hopeless romantic type — fall in love over and over… you may have a short life span? The heart has about 2 billion beats to burn up in a lifetime. A hummingbird burns it in 2 years, and a tortoise in 200. Does this mean be a […] Read more – ‘Heart Matters’.
Niya’s Four-Day Diet
DAY ONE–PMS “I will never eat again!” DAY TWO–PMS “Since the body is mostly water I will not drink any water all day to make it evaporate. The brain is 75% water. But I’ll take my chances.” DAY THREE–PMS (still) “I’ll eat one rice cracker and drink 1/2 glass of water. I’ll call every chatty […] Read more – ‘Niya’s Four-Day Diet’.
Starving, Hysterical, Naked
Allen Ginsberg. HOWL Not me–at least not today. Ho hum… so boring. It’s the title of my lucky journal. I won a 100.00 bet in it. It was one of situations, you know, the overuse of the male ear about the worst relationship of your life you didn’t know you were in. Finally, he said, […] Read more – ‘Starving, Hysterical, Naked’.