Dakota Rabbit

When art tells you its story…
  Clarissa Pinkola Estes, prolific storyteller of fables and folklore and Jungian psychotherapist likes to say… that when we sleep, we don’t sleep as adults. No, we sleep as children and wake up as children (just before putting on our adult suits). But when it’s warm enough outside to pop out of bed, make a […] Read more – ‘When art tells you its story…’.
Cloud Book – A Lofty Art Adventure
Since this book is too expensive to buy (Blurb.com is no fun that way)… I wanted to share it here. It was one of those unexpected surprises. When Dakota got sick in April (very sick — he’s doing very well now), I had this blank sketchbook on the kitchen table asking for my attention. 18 […] Read more – ‘Cloud Book – A Lofty Art Adventure’.
The Art of the Lull
“Dakota Loves The Redhead” Illustration created on Samsung Notebook by Chikodili Emelumadu. She and I shared giggles  during National Novel Writing Month 2011. She lives in London, UK. For the past two weeks I’ve run my business and my life within five feet of my dying rabbit—listening to his breathing and rushing him to the medicine […] Read more – ‘The Art of the Lull’.
EASTER SPECIAL — How not to break a rabbit’s heart (and spirit)
We’ve all heard of a spouse following a spouse to the other side. How their life force finds a way to ‘follow their heart’ so to speak. A dog will mope for weeks upon losing it’s person. A cat? Well, it depends upon the cat. But a rabbit? A rabbit’s heart can break when their […] Read more – ‘EASTER SPECIAL — How not to break a rabbit’s heart (and spirit)’.
Rabbit Yoga
I have this rabbit. He thinks he’s my boyfriend. He weighs 4 lbs. When I had a male friend over last week, I tried to introduce the two of them. Dakota, the rabbit put his right ear over his eye. My friend said, “I guess male bonding is out of the question.” The other day […] Read more – ‘Rabbit Yoga’.
Dog or Cat? Answer: Rabbit!
  They litter train themselves. They purr. They will lick your hands to groom you. When they get bored, they rearrange their own furniture to spice things up. They come when you call their name, and their poops don’t stink (and they know it). So, why don’t more people have these soft, affectionate, smart creatures […] Read more – ‘Dog or Cat? Answer: Rabbit!’.
Dakota Says…
It’s all about me. And that’s a good thing for you. Humans are really big and we rabbits know you could squash us like a bug. So we stick together and if we are a lucky you see us as more than Easter toys or French food. You see our smarts and loyalty and charm. […] Read more – ‘Dakota Says…’.
Chemistry dot com for Rabbits
Most people think rabbits are indiscriminate about their mate. That they just find another rabbit that smells like the opposite sex and they go to it. Not true. It took Dakota 4 weekends and 9 female rabbits to find a girl who would take him. He wanted them all of course. But he’s never thought through the […] Read more – ‘Chemistry dot com for Rabbits’.
Dakota is Six Today!
When asked Dakota what is your best birthday wish, the thing you most want today? His answer: That the world stop calling me a bunny. It’s very unmanly and insulting to my intelligence. Not even the babies like it, they say it makes them feel like a household appliance that dusts off the furniture. Clear enough. […] Read more – ‘Dakota is Six Today!’.
Fat Rabbit | Silo of Pudge
 It’s really all my fault. Most rabbits are treated as farm animals, living at the whims of nature. Some neutered and spayed, some not. Mine live indoors and are waited on hand and foot. About this time every year (spring rabbit multiplication time) they start emotional eating like you wouldn’t believe. Their unfulfilled bellies, normally […] Read more – ‘Fat Rabbit | Silo of Pudge’.
Easter: How Not to Break a Rabbit’s Heart
We’ve all heard of a spouse following a spouse to the other side. How their life force finds a way to ‘follow their heart’ so to speak. A dog will mope for weeks upon losing it’s person. A cat? Well, it depends upon the cat. But a rabbit? A rabbit’s heart can break when their […] Read more – ‘Easter: How Not to Break a Rabbit’s Heart’.
Sometimes You Just Have to Sleep in The Toilet!
Dakota turned 50 in rabbit years a couple of months ago. Suddenly he’s taken to sleeping in his toilet. His bathroom blurs into all of the other comforts in life. Rabbits are super clean and picky about clean bathrooms. Now, as he approaches geriatric, he’s less concerned–his litter box is now his bed and the […] Read more – ‘Sometimes You Just Have to Sleep in The Toilet!’.
Salad from a Rabbit’s Point of View
Imagine your version of Santa Claus delivering exactly what you want every morning no matter your mood or behavior. Or you’ve attempted Mt. Everest you almost died, but your favorite person woke you up out of your ambition hypnotism, took you down the mountain and had a Hot Toddy waiting for you…can you imagine how […] Read more – ‘Salad from a Rabbit’s Point of View’.
Who Are You? Consult a Rabbit!
Dakota had a near miss with death recently. Upper respiratory disease and his little stomach shut down. He’s okay now but somehow his struggle (our struggle for his life) made me think of the who and what we are. I thought about the lady who runs the bar in the village of Carces, FR. Her […] Read more – ‘Who Are You? Consult a Rabbit!’.
Lord, Let Me Be Half the Person My Rabbit Thinks I Am!
Rabbits have no concept of their bigotry. You are either part of their clan or you aren’t. They test you. When you get down on the floor and do the things they do (especially Dakota) eating or grunting at his rear-end (I don’t recommend this one) or pushing the ball around…well, you’ve somehow earned the […] Read more – ‘Lord, Let Me Be Half the Person My Rabbit Thinks I Am!’.
Arranged Marriage
Let’s talk marriage! QUESTIONS: If you don’t marry your best friend, can she/he become your best friend? If you marry your best friend, will he/she become less than that? If I take the question of best friend out of the question, have I become an American? Is there no hope for me? WHAT THE RABBITS […] Read more – ‘Arranged Marriage’.
On Romance and Rabbits
The love life of my rabbits is enviable. Dakota is 4 and 1/2 lbs. Dakota used to weigh only 4 lbs but living large in an all female family has made him put on some love handles. He rolls around in his morning hay like a Buddha-esque blowfish on crack. He’s addicted to hay and […] Read more – ‘On Romance and Rabbits’.
You’ve probably figured it out by now. Dakota the bunny–well, he’s kind of an asshole. And, I say this with the most adoring glance his way as he glares at me for giving him a time-out. He was nipping and lunging at his mate, Caila when I came around to give them carrots. He doesn’t […] Read more – ‘Dakota!’.