Story Improvisation

Image Story #5 ~ Ghost Writer Dad
What you’re looking at here is my office. But to be clear, the water glass isn’t full of water (something better) and the red and white doilie thingie there… I never approved. Marriages have trade-offs. My work gets done between 2-5 a.m.  I attend to our infant twins and fact find for documentary filmmakers (one […] Read more – ‘Image Story #5 ~ Ghost Writer Dad’.
Image Story #4 ~ Strategy Matters
At a young age, I learned that strategy in life really does matter. It’s become a living manifesto of sorts. When I was eight, I had an uncle I didn’t like much. He fed the dog peanut butter rolls with pop rocks in it. Our dog was the nervous type. When she wasn’t cold, she […] Read more – ‘Image Story #4 ~ Strategy Matters’.
Image Story #3 ~ The Elbow of an Elephant
My name is Gabby – not because I talk a lot. I like to read. When my family came to Africa it was to help people. We brought them books, food, medicine — I insisted we bring them pillows. Pillows are comforting. This elephant is Elsie…she’s seventy-one years old. She’s super old but she still […] Read more – ‘Image Story #3 ~ The Elbow of an Elephant’.
Image Story #2 ~ Dog
I’m an old dog—a yellow lab as handsome as the day is long. I know that’s a cliché thing to say but I’m not a creative type like my friend Bosely—he’s an Irish Setter. I’m what you’d call a traditionalist. I like to eat exactly at 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. I take my bone […] Read more – ‘Image Story #2 ~ Dog’.
Image Story #1 ~ Wings and Prairie Dogs
I purposefully didn’t look into the root of what inspired this photograph at the Silent Storyteller. It is just too perfect to make it up. So it was voted in as the first visual impromptu for Niya’s Place. ; ) What I believe about the woman with the beautiful wings… …she like many birds in […] Read more – ‘Image Story #1 ~ Wings and Prairie Dogs’.
What is Story Improvisation?
As we don’t live in a world of constant exposition (which might drive us mad), we have our abundant imaginations to fill in the blanks. With the evolution of sites like Pinterest and amazing photography tools and apps, combined with my passion for the visual world, I’ve added a blog category for making up stories. […] Read more – ‘What is Story Improvisation?’.