Cloud Book – A Lofty Art Adventure

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Since this book is too expensive to buy (Blurb.com is no fun that way)… I wanted to share it here. It was one of those unexpected surprises. When Dakota got sick in April (very sick — he’s doing very well now), I had this blank sketchbook on the kitchen table asking for my attention. 18 paintings to create with a deadline of the end of the month, to be mailed to the The Brooklyn Library. I didn’t think it was going to happen… between intensive care for Dakota (he was dying) and a full time client schedule—not to mention the stress and grief. Love that rabbit like nobody’s business.

But one night, unable to sleep, hovering over Dakota, I just started painting oddball images in the little book. I figured if they were bad, that’s okay because I’d send the book off and never see it again anyway.

Below are a few samples of the paintings before I sent it off. There is a preview at blurb, if you’re curious about how it published.



Have a fabulous day… be brave, be inspired!


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