Fat Rabbit | Silo of Pudge

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It’s really all my fault.

Most rabbits are treated as farm animals, living at the whims of nature. Some neutered and spayed, some not. Mine live indoors and are waited on hand and foot. About this time every year (spring rabbit multiplication time) they start emotional eating like you wouldn’t believe. Their unfulfilled bellies, normally full of babies or proud fathers waiting, discover eating almost does the trick. So every day, the gorge starts immediately. Especially the boy who competes with everyone to eat the most, he even snorts as he eats. His body is ballooning out like a farm silo. When he goes to groom himself he rolls over backwards because he’s too fat. I believe they call this emotional eating!

Now if I’m to be honest, skinny and me never got along very well. And even though the rabbits have had an influence on my diet for the better– I eat more green leaf type things– still my body follows it’s gene pattern with nomadic composure; wandering through all the foods of world like I had 500 lifetimes left. And if I wasn’t addicted to regular bike and swim excursions, I’m sure I’d look like a farm silo as well.

Sigh, I’m on my way now to get them berry yogurt treats. I can’t deny them. No baby rabbits because I made them my pets. Yeah, their life is cushy as a result. But it’s a question isn’t it? Is taking away their nature worth it to them? Would we all willingly give up babies and spouses for a first class lifetime seat on an airplane? Don’t answer that out loud.

I have to admit though they do seem pretty happy.

Chubby and bouncy…

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  1. David Leikam says:

    Lovely and brief this month yet well written and still entertaining. Thank you again for your unique insight into the lives of humanoid rabbits and hope Dakota is well.

  2. Ingrid says:

    gives me food for thought!

  3. Ben Garlow says:

    “Is taking away their nature worth it to them? As being an incarnation (a hip flower?) of a male rabbit, and subsequently confirmed as a male human, neutering is a wise social policy for some; ask my children. Dakota’s choice of consortium is highly evolved, as he has convinced you that it was YOUR choice. Because you have short circuited his genital consciousness he has the freedom to work his devilish diversions at will, and you bring him berry yogurt treats. Yeah, poor baby wabbit.

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