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As 2012 comes to a close I wanted to let you know what I’m up to and give you an opportunity to follow me there if you like. ; )

I may have mentioned that at some point I intended to mine through 400 journals — to extract what I want to use in future writing and then have a big ol’ bonfire of the innards and installation art of the outtards (is outtards a word? Maybe just for butchers and farmers?). Anyway, as I’ve been going down that road I’ve come to a stopping place in general about journaling. The way I’ve been journaling isn’t working anymore. A lot of repetition. Embarrassingly so. It’s not that there hasn’t been some illuminating aspects to the journals: memory-reality-checks are great. So, I had come to the decision that my morning routine could be better spent on drawing for the 2 illustrated books I have in process and for design projects for work — to use the journal as a medium of visual note taking and some words when necessary.

Ten days ago I started doing it. And it’s been fascinating. Breaking habits are not easy. But this isn’t where the decision ends…

In the meantime, I received a Christmas letter from dear friends in Colorado. Kristen and Mark are salt of the earth, highly creative and generous people… just love ’em. Kristen has been making a pair of earrings per day for all of 2012 and it has changed her. The routine has become pivotal to her perspective and energy. So inspiring. And that’s when it came together for me. A painting a day. Practice for the larger works and the intensity of painting everyday will form a new habit.

So that’s it. My focus is at http://niyachristine.com for the next year. I’m SO excited. I love to draw and paint and now I’m committing to it daily and wrapping up the 400 journals in the meantime. You might think this will be time consuming. But I’ve been practicing and the whole thing from start to finish takes exactly 45 minutes. This is what I was spending on repetitive, mind numbing journal entries that had become more habitual than useful.

So, if you’d like a painting per day delivered to your email box like the morning paper over coffee, the subscription details are below. And, if it gets to be too much, unsubscribe for awhile…if you miss it, resubscribe, etc. Perhaps seeing me do some bad paintings will add some imperfection perspective to your life. ; )

I’ll blog here on the author platform every so often… hopefully with book news or some creative writing spurts. But mostly I’ll be painting my buns off.

I would love to hear from you about your 2012 round up. New Years has always been my favorite holiday. Well, except for Thanksgiving of course.

Here’s the subscription deets…

Subscribe Here to A Painting A Day (Daily Color).
…or simply visit when you want a dose of color love at NiyaChristine.com


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